PBC Sound & Video believes that providing equipment and services should be a mutually rewarding relationship. An informed client is better able to discuss their needs, gets better value for their investment, and ultimately enjoys a heightened understanding of their sound or video system. We would be poor custodians of that relationship if we did not encourage and offer training for our products and services, especially in this world of technical growth in audio and visual presentation tools.

SOUND OF WORSHIP is our free quarterly newsletter. Our mission is to help you master your church sound system, and for that reason you'll find no advertisements, just practical tips and feature articles. If your church is not receiving SOUND OF WORSHIP, just drop us an email.


SOUNDINSTITUTE.COM is our free web-based education and resource center. You'll find a wide range of articles and libraries on audio components and systems, acoustic theory, and why things work the way they do. (and sometimes don't) Like our newsletter, there are troubleshooting and repair hints.

On-line courses with quizzes allow you to learn more about audio at your own pace. Links to popular products and literature are also available. 


ON-SITE training using your own sound system is available from the PBC Sound & Video. Tailored to fit your individual needs, we dicuss basic acoustic theory, microphone types and proper use, and the entire audio chain (including the internal stages of the mixer.) We're happy to accomodate evening or week-end seminars, and you'll be surprised at how affordable they are. On-site training is included with all of our new sound system installations. It's important to us that you make the full and best use of your sound system.